Frequently Asked Question
How will I get the coupons ?
You can download the list of coupons by clicking here . In the quantity column you can enter the number of coupons you need of each type making sure that your total worth of coupons doesn't exceed Rs 2000. You can bring this filled form to our office and collect you Coupons along with you WOC card and Zime User name and Password OR You can directly come to our office, our executive will help you with the entire procedure.
Is this another Chain Scheme ?
No it is not. It is purely a commission based scheme. If you refer a person, you get the commission of Rs 300 and if you refer more and more people you get bonuses. To see the Commission Chart you can Click Here. So if you dont refer someone or if you stop referring, you dont get paid even if someone whom you referred in the past is bringing in references. To know more about the same you can always write to us on or call us on the numbers mentioned on Contact Us page.
What is a WOC ?
WOC is an abbreviation for Wing Of Coupearn. All the members who pay Rs 1000/- and get 1) Zime 2) Coupons Worth Rs 2000/- 3) Chance to Earn Rs 300/- per reference are called WOCs. Every WOC gets a WOC Card and is eligible of bringing in other members and act as a referrer for those members.
How much is the validity of Coupons ?
As per the current policy of CoupEarn, all the coupons which are distributed/sold to the customer/end user have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of distribution / selling. This policy is in place considering that the customer/end user should always have sufficient time to use the coupon.
If I misplace or loose the Coupon, Will I get a new Coupon ?
CoupEarn keeps a record of all the coupons that are distributed. But in case of lost coupon or misplaced coupon Coupearn will not provide any other coupon or reissue the same coupon. Taking care of the Coupon after it has been issued is solely a responsibility of the customer/end user and sadly coupearn will not be able to help the customer in case of lost or misplaced coupons.